Well, Thanksgiving is here, the tables have been set, the delicacies of your choice are being prepared and your guests will be arriving. Know what else will be arriving? Yep, the “After Thanksgiving holiday sales kickoff in your local stores. Now some people can’t wait for the stores to open, some as you know camp outside just waiting, so they get first crack, at the items on their “Must-Have” lists. Others like me would rather enjoy the holiday with friends and family and hit the stores the next day, Yep, Black Friday. My friends and I have made it an occasion, and we never go crazy trying to land those super deals. You know the ones, the ones the stores use to get you ramped up and excited to shop with them. The only problem is some of these stores only have a few of these “Great Deals” on hand and once they're gone, their gone. So we go out with our lists of items that we decided to purchase and hit up the stores via our smartphones to compare all the prices. (If you haven’t used your phone before to do this, you’re really missing out!)

To make this even more of a fun time for us, we all make sure we take along our fitness tracker of choice. Some like me, use a Pedometer. I like to have just the information I need to be able to track how active I am throughout the day. What I do like about the one that I use, and I use the Yamax 510  It gives me the steps I took, the distance I’ve traveled for the day, week and month, and what I like, is knowing the number of calories I’ve burned up in doing that. Let’s me know if I can spring for that coffee late with peppermint during our shopping excursion or not. 

Some of my friends, like to get as much helpful information as they can and go for the activity monitor fitness devices, like the Fitbit Flex and some, want to be sure their heart-rate is at the optimum when their running for those sales and they use a Garmin VivoSmart Heart Rate Monitor  and I have another friend who swears by her Mio Link Strapless Heart Rate Monitor. She says it's easy to use once its setup and she can download everything she needs to be able to monitor her activity during this crazy holiday shopping season.

Regardless what fitness monitoring device you use, you may just be a bit surprised at just how much stepping you’re doing during this holiday season. And don’t forget, you still need to go out and get that tree, which can be a whole other outdoor adventure, for your friends and family to all monitor. In fact after your Thanksgiving feast is over with. Why not make a pact with your family and friends that gathered at your table, to have everyone post their overall steps, distance and calories burned between Thanksgiving and December 31st New Year’s Eve. This way you can make it a holiday challenge to see who won the holiday stepping award!

Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING from our family here at PedometersUSA.com !!


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