One of the most important things when it comes to getting in shape is goal setting. By setting goals for yourself gives you something to strive for. This is a great technique that allows you to feel a sense of achievement and motivates you to move on to bigger and better goals.
In the beginning, your goal may be to walk for 30 minutes without taking a break, but as you become more active you need to find bigger goals to shoot for. That’s the nice thing about self-help goals, they are made to be achieved and supplanted by new goals!
And one of the easiest ways to keep track of the goals you're setting yourself for distance is a reliable, accurate pedometer. The Omron HJ-323U Multi-Function Downloadable Pedometer  It accurately counts steps when the unit is flat, vertical, or horizontal. It also tracks "brisk steps" separately from regular steps along with distance and calories burned. The pedometer is also able to connect to via USB to upload information.

One of the best motivators for goal setting has always been good competition Even if you are only competing against yourself you still feel like you are accomplishing something when you beat a personal best. Charity walk/runs are a great place to set personal records. Many charitable organizations put on public events to raise money. These events can be a short mile long courses, 5k courses, 10k courses or even half marathons. You probably saw many the past few weeks dealing with the St. Patrick’s holiday theme. Many organizations took part in a run or walk in conjunction with the parade day festivities. By hitching yourself to this “Incentive Train” it makes achieving your goal of better help become more achievable.

Finding a local event and setting a personal goal of completing a 5k walk, for example, is a great way to push yourself further. Once you achieve your first 5k, your next goal may be to do another but strive to better yourself with a faster time or perhaps try your hand at a 10k course. Whatever you choose to do, you are motivating yourself to be healthier and it won’t be long before you start seeing the benefits of having your body perform the way it was designed to do.

Now, in order to keep that machine we call our bodies moving at top notch efficiency, we need to make sure we are consuming the right mix of fuel to help it operate the way it was meant to. But that’s going to be a topic for an upcoming post. So keep checking your local papers, and the internet for the next fundraiser run-walk or jog in your area and jump on board that trains ride to healthy!


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