This weekend kicks off the beginning of the Summer Season, with Memorial Day festivities being held in just about every town around the nation. There are plenty of parades and Memorial Day activities out there, honoring our veterans who gave their all, but the question is, are you going to be on the sidewalk viewing the parades as they go by, or are you going to get involved with marching in one or taking part in a fun run/walk/jog for a good cause.

Memorial Day is a great opportunity to be a part of the holiday weekend that honors our veterans that made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country. So, now that you’ve chosen to lead a fitter, healthier lifestyle by holding true to your New Year’s resolution by getting fit, losing weight and being active by walking. This gives you a great opportunity to show off to your family and friends that you can now, walk at least a few blocks, or a mile in a parade, or take part in a 3K-5K, or 10K Run, Jog, or Walk event in your town!

If you're like me, you talk a lot about how you're maintaining your walking regimen in order to get fit, and maybe your family and friends may be getting a little tired of hearing the same old same old spiel all the time. Yes, they can see you making progress because your clothes are going down a couple of sizes and they can see you are losing some weight because your face is looking slimmer along with your waistline. But sometimes they need to see that you can put your money where your mouth is. And you can do this by taking part in one of the many benefit Runs/Walks which are usually held on this holiday. This way your friends and family can see that you have turned things around and you really are no longer a couch potato.

It would be a great incentive if you could get them to join you for these physical events and in so doing, you can aid a good cause at the same time. Naturally, you’re going to want to keep track of your distance with your activity monitor and you may want to try out a newer version like the Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker HR , it will not only track everything your looking for like distance, and calories burned, but will also keep track of your heart rate and you can plot how you’re doing as far as pushing yourself.

Now, if your family and friends are not used to being as active as you right now, this may just be the push they need to get themselves going to living a healthier life as well. And since it’s the beginning of the summer, guess what, you can tell them to get themselves moving and get in shape and you can all get together and join in an event for this coming 4th of July! So, don’t just be an onlooker from the sidelines, get out, join an event and get yourself moving and have fun. Isn’t taking part in events like this the reason why you wanted to get yourself in shape this year? Go Ahead and have fun and be PROUD of your accomplishments!

From All of us here at, we would like to wish you ALL a very Happy Memorial Day. Don’t let a chance go by to thank a veteran today and every day for their service to our country!


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