You’re walking, great! But is the slow to rise sunshine, or the early to bed of the same, cutting into your walking time? There’s really no reason for this to happen, after all, things just don’t come to a sudden stop when the sun goes down, right? Well, you’re walking program doesn’t have to either. And with this being Halloween weekend, you would be surprised at just how many eerie walking tours are available if you just go ahead and search for them.

Most historical societies, clubs, community history buffs have stories to tell about what happened around the area in which you live. Most offer guided tours around historical homes, or for the brave at heart, a walking tour through the local cemetery. Now if that doesn't fit the bill of tying your walking into the Halloween holiday, I really don’t know what will.

Now, you know walking is a great form of exercise and giving up on it because you don’t like walking in the dark is really a little lame. There are always ways around coping with the seasonal change of daylight to moonlight. Some people change up their walking routines around the neighborhoods and get in the car and take a drive to the local malls, or strip malls, depending on their size and layout. The idea is most malls, offer people the opportunity to walk in the early morning, before the regular foot traffic enters to allow you to get you’re walking in. The best thing about this solution is that you’re walking in a climate controlled space, and some malls even took the initiative of stenciling in footprints along their perimeter and have distance plaque or slicks posted to let you know how much you’re walking based on how many laps you do. The best thing about getting out and walking in a mall is that it’s FREE. No gym membership required. All you need is to be fitted out with a good, supportive pair of shoes, which you should visit a store that has a reliable staff and has the right equipment to measure your stride and gate so that you get the right amount of support for your arches and metatarsals.

The second thing you need is a good reliable Pedometer, or if you're also doing aerobics along with a little strength training. Both of which is highly recommended to maintain your muscle strength and tone. You may want to look into getting a good, easy to use Activity Monitor.

For the pedometer we like the Yamax EX-510 Power-Walker ( It’s very accurate and can sense when you stop, in case you want to talk to a friend along the way. When you start up again, it knows that too based on the built-in functionality of the 3D Accelerometer Sensor filter. And it tracks your distance, steps, calories burned and can store that information for up to 30 days. This way you can keep track of your progress, day to day, week to week and month to month.

Now for the Activity Monitor, again this type of fitness tool, because it is a tool that you use to keep you advised on just how well you are progressing fitness wise. There are many options available and to give you a general like that you can view an assortment of them from a reputable store you can click on this link to You notice we are big on the Fitbit product line because they have built a great product line of activity trackers, watches. Some have built-in GPS functionality so that you can see where you are if you’re feeling adventuress and taking to walking some unfamiliar trails, (Please do this when it IS LIGHT OUTSIDE!) But one that is a favorite of ours to recommend is the Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker HR  This all-day activity tracker even has an auto sleep tracking function that allows you to observe how your daily routine adds up, even your sleep quality. The Smart-Track feature enables you to record your workouts select exercises automatically and monitor real-time workout stats on a large screen. And because it's a Heart Rate Monitor as well, it keeps track of just how well you’re doing based on Fitbit's advanced technology, called Pure Pulse which tracks your resting heart rate and simplified heart rate zones to gauge cardiovascular health and exercise intensity. And it does all of this simply by wearing it on your wrist. You get all of this functionality in an activity tracker that goes right on your wrist, and it looks great too!

So, getting back to the beginning. Are you still going to stay indoors when the sun goes down, or are you going to man/women up and take back your day by getting outdoors and stepping out?

So go ahead and take the opportunity this Halloween weekend has to offer you and join a walking tour of some interesting places in and around your local area. They really are located all over, just do a search using that thing they call the internet and see which ones you’d like to be part of.

Enjoy yourselves this Halloween, remember, the more walking you do…. The more candy you can skim from the kids trick or treating haul.

Happy Walking from the spooky crew here at


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