Ok, I’m not sure where you live, but out here on the east coast, we are looking at a great 4th of July holiday weekend this year. Most communities are gearing up for the annual celebration of our nation’s birthday. People are cleaning up the barbeque grills, laying in a supply of their favorite grilling food and deserts and making sure their yards are ready for the visitors and some fun activities. Not to mention the local fireworks displays that will take place throughout the country this independence weekend.

Know what else usually takes place around this holiday????????? That’s right, parades. Are you going to participate or just sit back on the sidelines and watch the parade pass you by?
Peds 4th of July
Why not use this year’s 2016 4th of July parade as the means to jump start your path to a fitter and healthier you? Go ahead while there is still time and get yourself a good reliable pedometer from Pedometersusa.com. Maybe the Yamax EX-510 Power-Walker Multi-Function Pedometer it’s a great choice for someone just starting out but has made up their minds to take a serious look at getting themselves healthy. It can track the number of steps your taking, the distance you’ve traveled and the calories you’re burning during your sessions. What better way to get yourself on track to being healthy. And what better way to participate in your countries birthday celebration then being out there on the road or track as a part of the community parade. It’s a feeling that once you take part in, you’re going to be looking forward to each and every year.

By tracking your progress using your new pedometer, you can use each 4th of July as a measuring point to see just how well you are doing each year compared to the last. With the Yamax EX it keeps your data for 30 days for easy tracking and recording just how well you’re doing from one year to the next.

So don’t just be a bystander at this year’s parade, get involved with a group of participants and take part in this year’s celebration of our nation’s 240th birthday party…… And get yourself FIT!!!

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