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  • Dieting Isn’t Everything….

    Posted on July 19 2019

    Exercise while ignoring your diet just isn't a good weight-loss strategy. ... To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume or eat fewer calories than your...

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  • Walking, Even Running With Flat Feet

    Posted on May 03 2019

    Choosing the perfect pair of running shoes takes some trial and error. Whether you’re a neutral runner or a pronator (aka your foot rolls in or out when you run),...

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  • A Few Tips To Change Up, Your Running Game

    Posted on August 09 2018

    Those of us who have embraced running as the means to take us up a level to being a fitter person have done so for a reason. After all, we...

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  • An Apple A Day, Can Keep The Doctor Away….. So Can Taking A Walk!

    Posted on February 08 2018

    Well, who hasn’t heard that old adage of an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Well, like this one, most of all old sayings, folk-lore have a basis...

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  • Summer’s Your Friend When It Comes To Walking

    Posted on July 13 2017

    At, naturally we are all into walking as a means to help you stay healthy and get yourself, your family and we hope your friends moving and getting some...

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  • 6 Ways Swimming Can Help to Improve Your Run

    Posted on July 07 2016

    The warmer weather is here, and the pools are opened for the season.  While many people are taking a dip to simply cool off, many others are using the pool...

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  • So, Why Aren’t YOU in this Year’s 4th of July Parade?

    Posted on June 28 2016

    Ok, I’m not sure where you live, but out here on the east coast, we are looking at a great 4th of July holiday weekend this year. Most communities are...

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  • Ideas for Father’s Day Fun…… Beats Giving Him a Tie!!!

    Posted on June 13 2016

    I’m not sure when saying Happy Father’s Day meant handing him a tie or a bottle of cologne, but this year, why not think a little out of the box....

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  • Why Sitting At Your Desk All Day Can Keep You From Being A Healthy You!!

    Posted on May 26 2016

    Ever wonder what sitting at your desk is doing to help you with staying healthy? Absolutely Nothing!!!. Your desk job can actually actually act as a road block on your...

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  • Why Cycling Is one of The Best Exercise You Can Do

    Posted on May 09 2016

    Looking for a new, fun, and rigorous exercise to do? Cycling is a sport that is growing in popularity across the nation, and its unique way of not only exercising...

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  • Here are 6 Fall Fitness Ideas to get You Moving:

    Posted on September 15 2015

    We’re a week away from fall, and the days are already becoming cooler. Some people already want to stay in and not hit the gym as they normally would. However,...

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  • Miles or Minutes; How Should You Measure Your Run?

    Posted on September 04 2015

    You’re heading out the door for your morning run.  Do you plan on achieving your goal based on the amount of time spent running, or the distance covered?  This is...

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  • What is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Why it is Good For You?

    Posted on August 04 2015

    It seems like what we all are lacking in these days is TIME!  What with our busy schedules whether it’s the job, taking care of the kids, housework or preparing...

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  • Here Are 6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

    Posted on June 26 2015

    You’re working out, hitting the gym, running, and walking, but still not losing weight? Unfortunately, we see this happen all the time. There are plenty of people who are on...

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  • 25 Reasons You Should Exercise!

    Posted on May 15 2015

    Physical fitness is one of the biggest leading trends today, and just about everyone is taking part. Not only am I seeing millions of people in my age group working...

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  • 8 Reasons Yoga is Good For You

    Posted on May 08 2015

    We hear many people discuss yoga and how good it makes them feel. However, often times, there are many details left out. These overlooked tidbits could possibly be a selling...

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  • Fun Family Fitness Ideas

    Posted on May 01 2015

    Making exercise a habit can be as easy for some as drinking water. For others, it can be a challenge. When we think of it like this, we have to...

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  • Don’t Let April Showers Hold You Back

    Posted on April 17 2015

    The saying is “April showers brings May flowers.” Unfortunately, a lot of people let these same April showers keep them indoors. I can’t really say that I blame them too...

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  • Healthy Easter Desserts You Should Offer This Sunday

    Posted on April 03 2015

    We’re just days away from Easter Sunday, and I can already smell the delicious foods simmering. There’s a ham, chicken, string beans, corn, and I can go on and on...

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  • 7 Reasons Eggs are Good For You

    Posted on March 27 2015

    Easter Sunday is right around the corner, and the children are gearing up for The Annual Easter Egg Hunts. In their innocent little minds, it’s all about fun, the thrill...

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  • 7 Tips to Spring Clean Your Health Habits

    Posted on March 05 2015

    Spring cleaning our home is usually the normal thing to do during this time of year. However, often times we need to Spring Clean our Health Habits as well. This...

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  • 7 Tips to Maintaining Heart Health:

    Posted on February 20 2015

    Remembering that February is American Heart Health Month, we must always consider ways to stay on top of our health. Many things, from our daily activities or lack-thereof, to our...

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  • 5 Health Benefits of Love

    Posted on February 13 2015

    Many of us have just one more day until we’re lucky enough to receive our Valentine’s Day gifts. Unfortunately, from watching social media and just listening to people around me,...

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  • The Benefits of Skiing

    Posted on January 23 2015

    If you’re a “summer” person, the sight of snow can be like the plague to you. You have a few months to go before the warmer temperatures of 70 plus...

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  • 7 Foods You Should Consume Post Work Out:

    Posted on January 15 2015

    So, you’ve spent the last two hours in the gym with your buddies. You’re looking good and feeling great, but you cannot wait to eat. You tell yourself that you’ll...

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  • Simple Guide to Enjoying the Holidays and not Kill Your Diet

    Posted on December 22 2014

    Maintaining a healthy routine during the holidays can be as tough as walking on nails. With all the holiday fare at parties looking and smelling amazing, how can you just...

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  • 10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress:

    Posted on December 12 2014

    The holidays have their way of bringing out the best and worst of the season. In addition to gift giving, family time, and holiday parties, you can also look forward...

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  • Holiday Gift Ideas

    Posted on December 03 2014

    We’ve gotten over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the holidays are still coming at us full force. Make sure your loved one is happy with the gift they receive....

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  • 5 Sugar Alternatives

    Posted on November 21 2014

    Sugar is such an unfortunate guilty pleasure for many of us, although it has been linked to many things from obesity, to tooth decay, and diabetes. Most sugar comes from...

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  • 6 Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease:

    Posted on November 17 2014

    Preventing heart disease means making smart choices now that will pay off for the rest of your life. There are many things that we can do that will lower our...

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  • 9 Amazing Ab Exercises Requiring Little to No Equipment

    Posted on November 07 2014

    We all see those models, athletes, and even actors with the most amazing washboard abs that we all envy, many of us wishing we to could have this level of physical...

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  • Fitness as a Family

    Posted on October 17 2014

    You’re into fitness, and want to introduce your children to this same lifestyle, but they’d rather play. How do you invite them into your world without frightening them? Perhaps you...

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  • The Benefits of Yoga

    Posted on September 03 2014

    Yoga is an amazing way to increase strength and flexibility. Many people are under the misconception that yoga is limited to individuals who are looking to meditate, but this is...

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  • How Beneficial is Cycling?

    Posted on August 28 2014

    Most of us started out riding a big wheel, moved on to training wheels, before finally graduating to the bicycle and never realized the physical benefit of what we were...

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  • Running … And You’re Mind!

    Posted on August 14 2014

    You’ve known for years about the benefits of including a regimen of walking and or running into your daily / weekly exercise routine.  That it’s very beneficial to both your...

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  • Quick Summer Fitness Tips

    Posted on May 30 2014

    As the weather heats up, it’s important to keep up on the dos and don’ts of outdoor fitness. This week we’ve got 4 basic rules that will help you stay...

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  • 5 Bodyweight Exercises for Beginners

    Posted on May 09 2014

    Proper form for lunges The beauty of walking for your health is that you don’t need anything special to get started. Just take off in any direction and you’re working...

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  • Spice up your Spring Workouts

    Posted on March 01 2014

    It’s important to keep your workout routines exciting. If you repeatedly do the same routine not only can it become boring and make it difficult to stay motivated, it can...

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  • Check Out PedometersUSA’s Running Playlist

    Posted on November 20 2013

    We get it. It is incredibly difficult to get yourself motivated to run this month. First off, if it isn’t freezing and snowing outside, it’s freezing and raining. That’s enough...

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  • Tips for Running and Walking in the Cold

    Posted on November 01 2013

    With the weather getting colder, many people thinking running or walking outdoors is impossible. While cold weather does definitely throw a wrench into running, it does not make it impossible....

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  • The Benefits of Heart Rate Training with a Heart Rate Monitor

    Posted on April 30 2013

    A heart rate monitor is a great fitness tool for anyone interested in losing weight or getting fit. A heart rate monitor allows the wearer to continually monitor their activity...

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