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  • Taking Your Walking Program To The Next Level.

    Posted on May 11 2018

    You’ve been walking for a while now and have seen the benefits that a walking program can do for you. You’ve gained a lot more stamina. You’ve noticed that you...

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  • It’s Never Too Late To Get Active!

    Posted on February 01 2018

    It’s been shown that regular exercise can correct years of being inactive and can, in turn, take years of damage away that people have done to their bodies. It was...

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  • Walking Is Not Just A Warm Weather Activity!

    Posted on January 18 2018

    Thinking about getting yourself more active now that the holidays are passed? Are you maybe a little depressed and a little guilty, about your waistline feeling a little uncomfortable behind...

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  • A Few Tips On Why Early Morning Walking Is The Path To Take

    Posted on August 03 2017

    Everyone knows that you’ll only lose weight if ultimately you consume fewer calories than you burn. However, how you do these things, can make a huge difference in your ultimate...

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  • A Few Tips for Fall Fitness

    Posted on October 21 2016

    How many New Year's Eves have you spent sipping a drink while the snacks and other foods were making their way through the crowd and as the ball starts to...

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  • Walking Your Way Fit!

    Posted on October 07 2016

    We all know that walking is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your physical health.  But are you doing it the right way and are you...

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