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  • How the Ground Affects Your Walk

    Posted on June 17 2013

    Walking is a tremendously healthy activity. It improves circulations, strengthens the immune system, aids more restful sleep, enhances cognitive abilities and more. But for people who may be recovering from...

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  • Support your Feet for Better Walks

    Posted on April 01 2013

    If you find yourself experiencing pain or soreness in your muscles or joints after a walk, maybe you should take a closer look at your gait. You gait refers to...

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  • Tips for Walking Outside in Spring Weather

    Posted on March 17 2013

    We absolutely adore when the warmer weather makes an appearance so we can get outside and do some walking! With one of our best rated pedometers and a few other...

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  • A Little Walk Goes a Long Way: Walking and your Health

    Posted on January 22 2013

    People seem to be talking about the incredible health benefits of exercise everywhere you turn. It’s no surprise that being active is good for your health, but when you consider...

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