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  • Take A Moment And Just Breathe!

    Posted on March 22 2018

    In today’s society, stress can play a big part of kind of life a person lives. With all of our commitments, work deadlines, family activities that have you running from...

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  • Can You Drink Too Much Water?

    Posted on June 20 2016

    You’ve probably heard that “it’s important to drink plenty of fluids” or simply “drink lots of water.” There are excellent reasons for drinking water, but have you ever wondered if...

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  • Here Are 6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

    Posted on June 26 2015

    You’re working out, hitting the gym, running, and walking, but still not losing weight? Unfortunately, we see this happen all the time. There are plenty of people who are on...

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  • 25 Reasons You Should Exercise!

    Posted on May 15 2015

    Physical fitness is one of the biggest leading trends today, and just about everyone is taking part. Not only am I seeing millions of people in my age group working...

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  • 8 Reasons Yoga is Good For You

    Posted on May 08 2015

    We hear many people discuss yoga and how good it makes them feel. However, often times, there are many details left out. These overlooked tidbits could possibly be a selling...

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  • Healthy Easter Desserts You Should Offer This Sunday

    Posted on April 03 2015

    We’re just days away from Easter Sunday, and I can already smell the delicious foods simmering. There’s a ham, chicken, string beans, corn, and I can go on and on...

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  • 7 Tips to Maintaining Heart Health:

    Posted on February 20 2015

    Remembering that February is American Heart Health Month, we must always consider ways to stay on top of our health. Many things, from our daily activities or lack-thereof, to our...

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  • 7 Foods You Should Consume Post Work Out:

    Posted on January 15 2015

    So, you’ve spent the last two hours in the gym with your buddies. You’re looking good and feeling great, but you cannot wait to eat. You tell yourself that you’ll...

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  • 10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress:

    Posted on December 12 2014

    The holidays have their way of bringing out the best and worst of the season. In addition to gift giving, family time, and holiday parties, you can also look forward...

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  • 9 Amazing Ab Exercises Requiring Little to No Equipment

    Posted on November 07 2014

    We all see those models, athletes, and even actors with the most amazing washboard abs that we all envy, many of us wishing we to could have this level of physical...

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  • The Benefits of Yoga

    Posted on September 03 2014

    Yoga is an amazing way to increase strength and flexibility. Many people are under the misconception that yoga is limited to individuals who are looking to meditate, but this is...

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