Summer is in full swing and with all that summer fun, cookouts, family reunions, swimming, not to mention those other sports of baseball, street hockey and tennis just to name a few. But we know you started walking this year to help improve your health and maybe lose a little weight. But walking, like playing some of those sports mentioned above can have you sweating enough to put out a fire.

Yes, the summer sun is something you need to take into account when your walking, running or doing any kind of strenuous activities outside when the sun is up at it highest and the temperature climbs above 90.

One way you can beat the heat this summer and any summer going forward is getting up, getting dressed and get to your local mall!... Now we are not talking about you going shopping. Especially when we’re talking about getting to the mall when they open their outside doors, around 7 am. The stores that make up the mall, will probably NOT be open at this time, but you’re not really interested in browsing up and down some store aisles. What your interested in doing is basically “Mall Walking”.

The trend towards exercising indoors has become a case of the mall the merrier, with walking enthusiasts opting for a cooler alternative to get their daily dose of exercise during the summer months.

The heat that can settle over a large portion of the U.S. this time of year, has prompted walkers to choose shopping malls over outdoor footpaths and walking trails.

If it seems an odd choice, it’s really not – when you think about it, malls offer a cool climate and flat surfaces, they lack the intimidation of gyms and, perhaps more importantly to some, provide somewhere for a coffee and a chat afterward.

Instead of burning a hole in their purse by shopping, plenty of people are choosing to burn calories instead by joining the in-mall groups currently operating in many towns and cities around the country. And let’s face it, the mall operators are taking advantage of this new opportunity to embrace this community of "Mall Walkers". After all, as I mentioned above after a person or persons take care of reaching their personal goals of walking a certain distance. They can relax for a bit and have a coffee, along with possibly a pastry or maybe a healthy juice alternative at the Juice-Bowl. The main thing there is a good opportunity for these people to spend some additional cash after they finish their exercise routines and the stores located within the mall start to open their doors.

After all, we know that walking is good for us, and for those who have fallen off the exercise wagon, or never really got on board at all, walking is the place to start. When you think about it walking only requires some comfortable clothes, (dressing right for the current weather!) and of course a good comfortable, but supportive pair of walking shoes are a must! 

Keep in mind that at the mall, there are amenities like benches, water fountains, and restrooms conveniently located that are just a few strides away. Climate control means year-round comfort while you exercise. Most malls have security guards on staff to ensure a safe environment and help with emergencies.

Most malls are easily accessible. There’s usually a bus stop adjacent to the mall, providing easy access. Inside the mall, elevators, escalators, and wide level walking surfaces make it easy for walkers of all mobility levels to get around and get a good workout. Keep in mind that there are some malls that offer covered parking garages, so your car can stay cool in the summer and keep you from getting wet when those down-pours do arrive, how nice is that?

Now that you have some ideas of getting out of that sun and heat that August offers, and heading into the climate-controlled environment of your local mall, make sure you maintain the same focus in your walking patterns around the mall as you did when you were walking on your familiar trail or sidewalk around your neighborhood. What I mean is to make sure you're keeping track of the number of steps your taking, the distance you're going, and the calories you're burning along the way. Using a reliable pedometer will keep you on track to maintaining your walking goals, especially when you're doing so in the mall. Without using a monitoring device to track your progress, it would be easy for you to miss a large amount of the steps you're taking while your speaking with your mall-walking-buddy. The one pedometer that would do nicely in keeping track of how well you're doing with your indoor walking is the Pedusa PE771 Tri-Axis Accelerometer Pedometer  The Pedusa is a highly accurate, multi-function activity monitor offering Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Active Time, 7 Day Memory and Target Goal Setting.

This accurate, dependable pedometer utilizes a new advanced 3D sensor from the U.S. with Tri-Axis technology that provides superior accuracy in any position, whether up, down, flat, on its side, or at any angle. The 3D Sensor is a digital accelerometer which is far more accurate than any mechanical sensors used in other pedometers. So, you’re going to know just how well you're progressing in your walking and you may even want to stop after your goals have been met for the day and sit down with your friends to have a cup of your favorite brew or a healthy juice drink.  Whatever does the trick for you, you’re going to know that the mall will have its doors open to welcome you back for another walking session in a comfortable environment.

You see, there is no reason to put your walking program on hold until the weather cools down a bit. So, go on, get your friends and get into a mall and walk. Who knows? You may even see a few sales advertised on storefronts that catch your eye, as you walk by them.

Find a mall-walking program near you. Call your local mall’s guest services office or drop by in person to ask about mall walking availability and hours. Guest services staffers can give you information about parking and public transportation schedules and stops near the mall.

So, don’t sweat it, get yourself over to your local mall and walk till you drop… (that was a pun on the shopping marketing bit, get it?)….Your walking friends here at

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