Before you go over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house, you want to make sure your coming home to a decorated Christmas tree, right? Well, usually the day or weekend after Thanksgiving, for most people, marks the time when they get dressed up in warm clothing and head out to the forest to cut down their tree. Or at least head out to the local Christmas tree farm. If you think about it, prepping yourself to get out there and hunt for that special tree can be a healthy outing for the whole family. After all, instead of going to a tree lot and just picking one out from a bunch of already cut trees that are found leaning up against fence posts. You and your family will be spending the time out in the cold fresh air, walking around the paths as you search for that elusive tree that will soon become the “focal-point” of your home.

Turning the hunt for that special tree can be just the thing you and your family may need to help walk off those few extra portions of mashed potatoes or that second slice of pumpkin pie! After all, the American College of Cardiology has stated that walking 40 minutes a day, several times a week can help reduce the risk of heart failure. And that there really is no need to subject yourself to powerwalking, plain walking itself is just as good for you then fast-stepping as you pump your arms while carrying a 2-3Lb weight.

So, walking up and down the paths of the tree farm, hunting down that tree is great exercise for you and your family. Especially if your spending an hour or better, checking out the best the farm has to offer and trying to make the decision on which one’s going to be the focal point of your holiday. The more you walk, the better your body is going to benefit from all that exercise. Then theirs’s the cutting down and carrying out the tree to your car. After all, all this extra activity, which you’re not used to is going to help you in the long run to get your body in a better physical state.

Now to know just how well you and your family are doing in traipsing around the farm looking for that tree, taking along a reliable distance tracker, like a pedometer would let you know just how far you’ve gone in searching and depending on the model, would let you know how many calories you’ve burned up in looking for that tree along with how many steps you’ve taken.

A pedometer like the Pedusa-771 would be just what you need in providing you with all that information. The Pedusa Tri-Axis Pocket Pedometer is the perfect choice to track your progress easily, and accurately. The Pedusa PE771 Tri-Axis Accelerometer pedometer is a highly accurate, multi-function activity monitor offering Steps, Distance, Calories Burned, Active Time, 7 Day Memory and Target goals.

After all, in order to stay motivated to keep yourself on the path to a healthier you, you really do need to set goals for yourself. And that means setting "Attainable" goals. There is nothing worse to nip a health routine in the bud then setting un-realistic goals for one's self then setting a goal that can possibly set yourself up for failure. Doing this is probably one of the most prevalent reasons why people fall off their fitness regimen, because the goals they set for themselves are too hard to achieve!

So are you and your family all set to head out for that “Special Tree”? Good, but don’t forget to prepare yourself for the holiday excursion by taking that PE771 Pedometer with you. Better yet, why not make an early Christmas present of it and handing out a few of them to your family and friends as a way to start them all out on a healthier New Year! And because of the ability of you can Imprint  your pedometer gifts with your family and friends’ names.

How’s that for making a unique gift that will make them want to carry that pedometer with them every where they go. And isn’t that the whole point of having a pedometer? To carry it with you, count your steps and keep you in the know of just how well you did, or didn’t do?

Happy Christmas Tree hunting from your walk-acholic friends here, at

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