Most of the Irish parades have either taken place this past weekend or they will be marching on this Saturday or Sunday to celebrate the day when everyone is Irish! With the coming of St. Patrick’s Day, Daylight Savings Time and this Monday the Spring Solstice, the warmer weather will soon be making its presence felt. You can already feel the intensity of the sun as you go out and about these days.

If you haven’t already dusted off your walking shoes during the mild winter we just went through, there is no excuse for not bringing them out of the closet and getting outside and putting a few miles behind you. A great way to keep track of those, hopefully, daily walks is by using a good, reliable, Accurate Pedometer.  Well, here at we got you covered with pedometers that are rated high for accuracy, multi-function types that track not only your steps but the calories you’ve burned trekking along those roads or mountain paths. So with the right pedometer in hand and a few other useful things to pack along on your spring walking journeys you will be ready to take on your spring walks full speed ahead.

First: Dress for the weather. The morning forecast is your friend. You’d be surprised how things may change from the time you watched the weather at night and what actually materializes in the morning hours. So check the morning forecast and dress appropriately. Remember, it is always a good idea to dress like it is 10-20 degrees warmer than it actually is, since with your morning walking, you’re going to be working your body more which will generate your own body heat. However, you may still want to put on a pair of gloves and a hat, to keep that body heat localized. Remember, it’s your extremities that your body heat escapes from!

Second: Pace Yourself. Especially if you’re just beginning your walking routines after being dormant during the winter months. We don’t know why that might be, after all, you’re not a bear that should have been hibernating!! But seriously, if you’re just beginning a walking program you’re going to need to set a pace, that will not only tax you a bit but let you go for the distance you’re looking for as well. A good rule of thumb is to walk at a pace that will allow you to carry on a conversation with someone. If you have a walking partner, so much the better, for both of you. If you don’t, then try singing a song to yourself, this way you can judge just how much of an impact you’re walking pace is affecting you. Just a hint, unless you have a good voice, keep the sound level down a bit. After all, you don’t want to incur some strange looking stares from those walking the path with you right?

Third: Stretch those muscles: This is probably one of the most important steps for anyone beginning their morning or daily exercise. Remember, your body has been laying prone for several hours, especially if the hardest thing you’ve done for the past 6 hours is getting out of bed. Make sure you stretch those leg, calf and even your arm and shoulder muscles. Do a few squats and leg extensions to get yourself flexible. The last thing you need is a pulled tendon or ligament after you’re into your walk for a while

Fourth: Hydrate: Make sure you're starting your day with the right amount of fluids in your body. Walking, running, jogging or just plain exercising drains your body of moisture, after all, you're working up a sweat right? So where do you think that moisture is coming from? Drinking plenty of fluids, water especially or an electrolyte based product like the Nuun Active Electrolyte Supplement.  It’s packed with electrolytes and low-calorie clean ingredients to help you stay energetic during your walking journeys. And if after you’ve built up your distance (good for YOU!) you may want to take along a good water bottle to help keep you hydrated. Remember, not drinking enough while you're exerting yourself can cause your muscles to tighten, cramp and possibly you may even experience hamstring issues.
A good reliable water-bottle is the Avex Brazos Stainless Steel AutoSeal Water Bottle 24 oz. will keep your drinks cold for 20 hours if need be and since it’s stainless steel and BPA free you're getting the best bottle for hiking those distant trails. It also has an ergonomic clip-on handle that attaches to backpacks and other gear. So it stays out of the way, hands-free until you need it.

Now the above are just a few simple tips to help you get back on the right path of walking again this spring. One thing you always need to take with you is good old common sense! We can’t help you there, but considering your reading this blog from our website, we have to bet you got the right kind of common sense so you will have not only a good stretch of the legs-(As the Irish would say) but a safe stretch as well. So hoping you have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, from the gang here at

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