Many of us claim that we just simply don't have the time to squeeze in exercise or activities into our busy lives. We all have responsibilities in one form or another, work, school, family, children, pets, running a household, etc, we all have goals to meet and achieve every day. Today we are going to talk about incorporating a walking program into a daily responsibility you already have to do anyway so no excuses.

 A walking program is a group of people who walk together for a variety of reasons, however, they all share the reason of being healthier. You're probably thinking how am I going to pull this off? It's okay we are going to cover everything you need and some helpful tips and tricks.

Let's be realistic starting small is okay and it's worked for a lot of people.

☆Tip- starting small also gives your group time to gain interest and grow! What is something you do at least once a week to start? Do you take your kids to the park, walk your dog, take classes at your local college, go to school, work, pretty much anything can work. Who do you see when you do these things? Do you see kids, fellow pet owners, classmates, co-workers, friends, family or anyone doing what you're doing? The next step is to bring up the topic of a walking program within the group that comes to mind and gauge the interest level.

☆Tip- sometimes incentives such as healthy snacks or small healthy prizes help to gather interest. Between 4 and 6 people to start will get the ball rolling or in this case the feet moving. Pick a time of the week that works for the group, set up a place to meet and a destination to walk to. You can measure this by a place, the amount of time walked, steps taken, however, your group wants to begin this journey.

☆Tip- If its possible try to set a small fee such as 5 dollars to join the program this will help with snacks and Inexpensive Pedometer and cool gadgets (check out our  clearance section it updates all the time for inexpensive ideas)to make your walking journey that much more enjoyable. This also helps people to show up and participate because they are already invested. The last but most fun step is to arrive at the place on the date and time agreed upon and get those feet moving.

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