You’ve gotten into your gown, placed that 4 corner hat on your heads and when the time came moved the tassel from one side to the other. And maybe threw that cap up into the air to signify the right of passage. Now comes the time to celebrate all that you have accomplished. Whether you’ve taken the step from high school and are looking forward to being college bound or starting your working life, or possibly joining a branch of the services. It’s a big step for you. And if you’ve just finished that 4 years or advanced grad school grind its time for you to embrace your new found existence as well.

Well, before the major grind of either joining the workforce or going on to advance learning, you and your family and friends are going to party like it’s 1999 (so the song goes anyway).

The party will probably soon happen after all the congratulatory slap on the back and handshakes and hugs. But with a party usually, comes some gifts for the graduate. If you the parents are coming up blank on what to get your son or daughter to commemorate this special day. You might think of a gift that will let them blow off a little stress and in the process clear their minds and get healthier at the same time.

Think about getting them an activity tracker or heart monitor. Especially if they are already into fitness because of belonging to a sports program in school. A good, reliable activity monitor or heart rate monitor can give them that little shove of momentum to get out and start running, jogging or just plain hiking the trails.

One of the best activity monitors we think is the Fitbit Charge 2.Whether your son or daughter is a fitness enthusiast or you would just like them to get moving and motivated after spending 4 years crouched over a desk staring at a computer monitor working to get those grades they needed. Well, now is the time to have them loosen up those muscles and get them working again so that their health can catch up to their gray matter. A tracker like the Fitbit Charge 2 has everything they will need and more to help them keep motivated and working towards a new fitness goal, which will not only help get their body in shape but will also help alleviate the stress that goes hand in hand with searching for a new job or if just graduating from high school, will help them keep things in focus and get themselves ready for the on-going rigors of advanced academic life.

So, keep things in perspective and take it one step at a time (Get it?, a pun on tracking your steps. Well I tried! :)). And don’t hold back on lavishing the praises on your child for passing through this milestone in their lives.

Happy Graduation to all 2017 graduates from


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