Looking for the perfect activity monitor to jumpstart your fitness regimen? At PedometersUSA.com, we have the perfect and most affordable activity monitors for fitness! These three below are the best in our selection, and ideal for you to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Polar Loop Activity Monitor: One of our newest activity monitors for fitness, this awesome device made by Polar not only helps to track your movement throughout the day, but gives you an overview through its feature called the Activity Guide that maps it out over 24 hours. It also helps you to set a main fitness goal through the feature EnergyPointer that gives you advice to direct all your energy towards that one objective. This is perfect for anyone who’s looking to achieve a weight loss goal in the New Year. Plus – it’s only $99.95 with free shipping. Who wouldn’t love to have this activity monitor helping them out?

Fitbit One Activity Monitor and Sleep Tracker: Whether you like it or not, the amount of sleep you get a night is really important to living a healthy lifestyle. The Fitbit One tracks your sleep, shows you how many hours you get a night and what kind of sleep you’re receiving. Showing you what kind of sleep you’re getting shows you how much you need to be healthy, recover, and keep your immune system strong. In addition, the Fitbit One also syncs your data that’s tracked throughout the day every 15 to 40 minutes, so you’re never missing a beat.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Monitor Wristband: This wristband is one of our favorite activity monitors for fitness not only because of its sleek design, but also the number of features it holds within it. It’s constantly syncing the data it collects from you throughout the day wirelessly, but it also syncs it to your iPhone and Android devices too. This way, it’s easier to track your progress throughout the day wherever you are and the data you need is only a tap away! Also – this activity monitor also shows how many minutes you were active, the distance you traveled, and the calories you burned so you can see where you’re doing great and what needs to be improved on.

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