You’ve probably heard it time and time again from your doctor or mother, but seriously – it’s time you start drinking more water. We mean increasing the amount that you already drink by a lot – and not just when you’re thirsty either. Want to know why you need to drink more water when you’re at work, at home, or exercising with one of our Accusplit pedometers? Here are six reasons to start bringing H2O with you, wherever you go.

It boosts your energy – Ever been tired at 3 p.m. for no reason? It’s probably because you’re dehydrated. Many experts have said that the tragic “3 p.m. slump” is due to a lack of water in the body. You can boost your energy rather quickly when you slug down some good old H2O. Water helps to get the blood and oxygen flowing throughout your body – especially your brain and heart.

It clears your skin – Blemishes may come and go, but they really don’t have to if you drink enough water. Many people break out due to their skin not being hydrated enough, which leads to it not being able to flush out harmful toxins that cause pimples. So if you’re struggling in your T-zone, extra water throughout your day can help.

It can help you slim down – Trying to lose weight? We have a secret: besides using one of our Accusplit pedometers to track your daily walks, trying drinking more water throughout your day. Water helps to speed up all bodily processes – including your metabolism. This is a plus if you’re trying to shed some pounds because a faster metabolism means that you’ll be burning fat faster too.

It lowers stress – Think about the last time you were really stressed out. What did your body tell you? There’s a great chance that increased stress levels during that moment had something to do with the lack of water your body had. When your body doesn’t have enough water, your brain can’t help to eliminate stress-inducing hormones.

It helps you tone – Looking to build some muscle? Remember to hydrate before and after your lifting routine. Water helps your muscles and joints stay lubricated so your body can reach its full potential without becoming tired.

It helps you stay regular – This is really important for everyone, no matter what your diet is like. Water helps your digestive track stay afloat – so making sure that you’re getting enough of it is one of the ways in which you can keep it healthy. H2O also helps to move fiber through your intestines better, so you can absorb the right nutrients from your food.

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