We love all of our pedometers equally, but one of them stands out in our minds when it comes to versatility, flexibility of use, and sleek design – the Fitbit Zip. This fun pedometer comes in four different colors, as well as serving four main jobs on your fitness journey. Want to know what four main components this sleek but powerful device helps you with? Pedometers USA has the facts on how it can help change your life.

It’s a Calorie Counter

It counts the calories you’ve lost so you don’t have to! The Fitbit Zip takes into account all the calories you’ve burned while doing activities. It bases this number off of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and resets at midnight so you can have a clean slate to work from in the morning. It shows you your progress through your work out so you can focus on getting fit!

It’s a Step Counter

It may seem like the rest of the pedometers in our collection also do this one job, but the Fitbit Zip is accurate to a T. Not only does it count your steps, but it wireless syncs every 15-40 minutes, updating your progress, data, and information throughout the day. The Zip also makes sure to track your distance and stride length as well, which is added information that can help to improve your activity.

It’s a Personal Trainer

The Fitbit Zip stores your activity through the Fitbit uploader application, which can be downloaded on your PC or Mac computer. It stores your activity, gives you charts to see your progress, and shows where your improvement is needed. It gives you exactly what you need to reach your fitness goals and stay healthy.

It’s a Cheerleader

The Fitbit Zip is not only going to help you achieve your fitness a goal through showing your progress, but it’s also going to tell you how awesome you are! With the encouragement icons on the front screen showing your milestones, it also shows smiles as you work harder. The harder you exercise, the harder the Fitbit smiles back!

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