The suggestion that a pedometer can provide enormous benefits for an exercise routine is likely to be met with puzzled looks. Most people think of the old models that simply counted steps and were not all that accurate at ever doing that. A brief look at the Omron pedometer lineup, however, will quickly change minds about the need for this tool in modern walking routines. You may even find yourself wondering how people stayed fit in the past without them.

Extreme Functionality with the Omron Pedometer HJ720ITC

Omron takes counting steps to a whole new level with this device connects via USB to any PC and comes with a proprietary Omron Health Management Software. The software brings together metrics from your walking routine with many other workout variables to provide a clear picture of activities and progress toward goals. If you're thinking that's a bit excessive for a step counter, you'd be right. This model does much more that track steps.

This Omron pedometer starts out with a dual sensor to get around a major problem with accuracy suffered by past pedometers. With multiple sensors, you can store the device in a bag or pocket without worries about losing any of its 99 percent accuracy rating. Measurements include both normal steps and aerobic steps, which tend to have longer strides and a faster pace.

GOSmart Omron Pedometer HJ303

If versatility is the goal, the HJ303 has your back with a tri-axis sensor. You'll have the same accurate step counter with the added benefit of being able to track distance on inclined surfaces, including steep hills and office stairs. It's also programmable, so you have a better match with your stride instead of using a pedometer that tracks according to average stride length. Memory for this model extends to seven days or one million steps, whichever comes first. That gives you plenty of time to log results.

Tracking daily activity is an important part of maintaining exercise motivation. It's hard to set goals without knowing the amount of work still required to reach them. Choose an Omron pedometer to solve these problems!