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Epulse Heart Rate Monitors come with a 90 day limited replacement warranty from the date of purchase. Impact Sports Technologies Inc warrants the original end user (consumer) than new IST branded products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use, for 90 days.

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Impact Sports Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I activate the ePulse minimum heart rate feature?

A. Minimum heart rate on the Data Menu will display as zero unless you activate it with a daily reset. Simply hold down MODE button for three seconds and release, right after you first turn ePulse on. The zero Minimum HR display does not affect any of the other Data Menu calculations such as average HR.

Q. How does the ePulsediffer from the chest strap heart rate monitors that are on the market today?

A. The difference is convenience! Impact Sports Technologies has used proprietary technology to place the sensor that captures heart rate in an easily worn armband instead of on an uncomfortable chest strap. The ePulse is self-contained and displays your fitness data right on the back of the armband.

Q. Is the ePulse only for athletes?

A. Absolutely not! The ePulse has been designed to monitor heart rate and calories burned for all types of activity ranging from intense aerobics such as running or dancing, to racquet sports such as tennis and everyday activity such as walking around the block or simply going up and down the stairs. The ePulse makes it possible for the first time for anyone to conveniently monitor their activity levels and obtain instant feedback on the benefits.

Q. I am having trouble getting to the personal data entry menu.

A. Since this menu is generally used only one time, it is slightly difficult to get into to prevent you from accidentally entering the menu and deleting or misconfiguring your personal data. To get to the personal data entry menu you must quickly double click the right hand data button. Try using your fingernail for two rapid clicks. Or you may take off your ePulse, turn it on and hold it in your hand to double click the data button and complete the personal data entry.

Q. Does the ePulse tell time or have a stopwatch function?

A. No. ePulse will track and display your exercise time. It is not designed to be a timepiece, but to complement your favorite sports watch.

Q. Can ePulse be worn on either arm?

A. Yes, typically a right handed person will wear it on their left arm and vice versa.

Q. Can I clean my ePulse?

A. Yes. Your ePulse is designed to be cleaned with soap and water. It is not designed to be fully immersed in water however.

Q. What is the battery life?

A. Standard alkaline AAA batteries will last 17 continuous hours and lithium AAA batteries will last 70 continuous hours.

Q. Why is it useful to know my heart rate?

A. Your heart rate provides a useful measure of the intensity of your activity during exercise and can be used to calculate your calories burned. By monitoring your heart rate with the ePulse during daily activities or exercise you will receive immediate feedback on the quality and intensity of your activity.

Q. What are the benefits of activity that elevates my heart rate?

A. The benefits are many to include increased fat and calorie burning, more efficient cardio vascular system, reduced blood pressure, decreased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Q. How high should my heart rate be to begin achieving benefits?

A. Typically, once you elevate your heart rate above 100 beats per minute (bpm) you will increase caloric burn. Your ePulse uses your personal profile to allow you to see and monitor the types of activity that bring your heart rate to the 100 bpm level as well as to more intense exercise levels for fat burning and maximum cardio conditioning. The ePulse also shows you the caloric burn for your activity based on your heart rate measurements.

Q. What is the advantage of the ePulse over the heart rate monitors that are on the handgrips of most exercise equipment at my fitness club?

A. The ePulse offers several unique advantages over heart rate monitors found on exercise equipment. First, the calculations from the ePulse are personally tailored to you and your physiology, making the caloric burn calculations very accurate. Second, the convenience of the ePulse permits you to wear it during your entire workout as you move from station to station or exercise to exercise, giving you a more dynamic and comprehensive picture of the total effectiveness of your activity.

Q. Can the ePulse tell me if I am over training?

A. Since the ePulse will allow you to become familiar with your heart rate during all types of activity, including your resting heart rate, you will be able to see a typical sign of over training if your resting heart rate is 5-10 beats higher than normal.

Q. Can I use the ePulse during weight training?

A. Yes. The ePulse can be particularly useful if you are monitoring your heart rate between sets. For instance if you are power lifting you may want to see your heart rate move back to resting level between sets, while if you are moving quickly from station to station for aerobic or endurance training the ePulse will help you keep your heart rate elevated with constant feedback.