How to Make Your Corporate Wellness Programs Work

Companies across the country – large and small – are starting to take initiative in their employee’s wellness. By starting corporate wellness programs, companies can monitor their employees’ health as well as help them save costs on health insurance, time off, and other expenses. Want to know how to make your company’s wellness program successful? Pedometers USA has three tips on how to really get your employees motivated towards a life of wellness and to help you save costs in the long run.

Offer encouragement: One of the largest reasons many corporate wellness programs fail is because of the lack of encouragement from the company itself. Hanging up flyers, sending emails, and offering some helpful tips can go a long way with your employees. Make sure you’re letting them know they’re doing a great job, and these steps towards a healthier life make take time – but are worth it.

Offer discounts: Corporate wellness programs can offer discounts at a variety of gyms, YMCA’s, and other recreational sports’ centers to help encourage their employees to get active. Many of the bigger gyms – as well as other smaller places – may be willing to work out a program or deal for your employees upon showing their work ID cards. Costs often drive people away from these places, so if you can help them receive a discount they may be more inclined to start getting fit.

Offer incentives: We all work harder, better, and faster when there’s an incentive offered. When companies start their corporate wellness programs, it’s important to remember a prize at the end for the biggest loser, improved health vitals, or anything else related to getting healthy. Providing an incentive will help make the program go by fast, and maybe even add a little competition in it too!

Your corporate wellness programs should work out for your employees as well as the company, creating a healthier working environment for all. Make sure to visit us for to grab custom pedometers with your company’s logo on them today at!