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Limited (One Year) Warranty

The MIO watch, excluding the battery, is warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Within the warranty period and upon proof of purchase, the MIO watch will be repaired or replaced (with the same or similar model) at the discretion of the manufacturer, without charge for either parts or labor.

The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from abuse, misuse or alteration of the MIO watch such as moisture or water damage sufficient to affect the proper function of the watch, and damage to the watch case or visible cracking of the crystal. This includes any damage to the MIO that appears to be caused by the use of tools. Without limiting the foregoing, damage resulting from bending or dropping the MIO watch will be deemed the result of abuse or misuse.

This limited warranty does not cover defects relating to servicing performed by anyone other than our authorized service center or Physi-Cal Enterprises.

Please note that only your original retailer can offer a refund according to their own terms and conditions.

Neither the warranty nor any other warranty, express or implied, including implied warranties or merchantability, shall extend beyond the warranty period (one year from date of original purchase) .
No responsibility is assumed for any incidental or consequential damage, including but not limited to damage resulting from inaccuracy of the product or any of its functions. The warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights that vary from state to state. This warranty is void unless the MIO watch is purchased from an authorized MIO reseller.

If the problem with the watch is not covered by the warranty, an estimate will be provided before any work is performed. Please refer to the warranty as stated in the booklet that accompanied the watch for further information.

Customers from outside the U.S. must pay by credit card. All customers must note the value of the watch on the paperwork included with the watch. Absent the customer noted valuation the limit of Parsec's liability is $50.

Non-warranty Service The MIO Watch Service Center (Parsec) will service your watch for a nominal fee for repairs performed after the expiration of the warranty period, or services required that are not covered under warranty. You may send your watch directly to the MIO Watch Service Center without obtaining written authorization from Parsec or MIO. Once delivered, the MIO Watch Service Center will evaluate your watch and send a written estimate. No repairs will be done without your authorization. It is not necessary to include a proof of purchase if product is not within the warranty period and/or is being sent in for Non-warranty service. Please be sure to include this completely filled out Service Form and the Return S/H & Insurance Fee of $12 (This fee is non-refund-able and is not covered by the manufacturer).

If you have any further questions regarding your MIO Heart Rate Monitor watch warranty, please contact us with your inquiry at:

MIO Watch FAQ's - MIO Product Questions

Can I use my MIO while swimming?
MIO watches have varying levels of water resistance. Watches with 10 m of water resistance are suitable for splashes, sweat or getting caught in the rain. Keep in mind the the depth specifed (on any watch) represents tests done in a lab and not in the ocean. The watches have been pressure tested to that level and may not represent actual swimming results. While you are able to use your MIO in the water, you may experience some difficulty in obtaining an accurate reading because too much moisture between the watch back plate and your wrist (like that experienced when swimming) can make picking up the ECG signal more difficult. Try to wipe excess water from the watch and your fingers before using the HR function for best performance. It is also important that you avoid depressing any of the buttons while your watch is submerged in water.

How do I register my MIO warranty?
You will soon be able to register your warranty on our website. Currently our website is undergoing construction and this function is not working properly. Thank you for your patience while we work to finish. How do I take my heart rate with MIO?
It’s simple and easy to get your heart rate reading with MIO. Unlike most other heart rate monitors, MIO does not require you to use a cumbersome chest strap. MIO reads your heart rate through sensors on the back and front of the watch. To read your heart rate on our Classic and Eurofit models, ensure that the watch is fastened firmly against your skin and simply place your index and middle fingers on the MIO sensors on the face of the watch. For our Eurofit Petite models, you will need to use your index and thumb to press down on the middle sensor buttons. Gently apply pressure to the sensors, and within seconds your ECG accurate heart rate will be displayed. Release and repeat to get another reading. Please note that the upper sensor, and right middle sensor are not intended to depress.

Is MIO an accurate heart rate monitor?
Yes, MIO displays your accurate ECG heart rate reading. MIO’s accuracy has been certified by University studies. MIO reads your electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) signal; this is the medically accepted way to measure your heart rate. Some other products measure only pulse rate which is not an accurate measure of heart rate. You can be confident that with MIO you are getting accurate heart rate readings.

Does MIO give a continuous heart rate display?
MIO does not give a continuous display of your heart rate. Whenever you want to view your heart rate, simply depress the sensors and the value will be displayed within seconds. Release and repeat. Even if you keep your fingers on the sensors, you will not get a continuous reading.

Other than heart rate monitoring, what other functions can MIO perform?
There are several different MIO watch models and each model has a different set of features designed to enhance your lifestyle activity of choice. All MIO watches take your ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap and all MIO watches display percent of maximum heart rate. Some MIO watches use your personal data to calculate your calorie burn during a workout while other also allow you to manage your weight with MIO's patented calorie intake prgram. All MIO watches feature interchangeable color bands.

What is percent of maximum heart rate?
To work out efficiently and maximize the results of your fitness program, you want to monitor your heart to ensure that you are working out at an appropriate percentage of your of maximum heart rate.

Your heart has a theoretical maximal value at which during extreme exertion, you approach physical exhaustion. Coming too close to this value is dangerous for those at risk for heart attacks. The percent of maximum heart rate tells you how close you are to your maximal value. For most people, exercising within a range between 55% and 75% of maximum heart rate will yield the greatest benefit. Always consult with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program. MIO calculates your percent of maximum heart rate based on the personal data you enter into the watch and displays your percent of maximum heart rate every time you take your heart rate reading.

How does MIO calculate the number of calories burned during a workout?
The following models will calculate the number of calories burned during a workout: MIO Classic Select & Classic Select Petite, MIO Shape, Shape Select & Petite, MIO Sport, Sport Select & Petite, MIO Shape Elite, MIO Ultimate, MIO Motiva, and MIO Drive.

This is calculated using your personal data (age, weight and gender), the length of your workout and the level of exertion (elevated heart rate). To get a reliable calorie count be sure to program the watch with your personal data and while exercising take frequent heart rate readings. MIO watches are not designed to calculate your calorie burn at rest; the calorie burn function is designed to be used when your heart rate is elevated by physical exercise.

How do I set up my MIO watch so that it stores my personal data?
Each MIO watch comes with a very detailed and straightforward illustrated instruction guide. By following the simple steps in the guide, you will be able to enter in your personal data into the watch in just minutes. It is as simple as setting the time! Each MIO watch stores your birth date, gender and weight.

How will I know if a MIO watch will fit my wrist?
The standard MIO wrist band length is 9 inches from strap to buckle. This means MIO watches will easily fit wrist sizes up to 8 inches in circumference. Petite watch models are designed specifically for smaller wrists, they will fit wrist sizes 6 3/4 inches and below.

Are there certain people who won’t be able to use MIO’s heart rate function?
People who wear continuous pacemakers and people with irregular heartbeats/arrhythmia may not be able to use MIO. This is because a MIO watch needs to read up to four consistent heartbeats over a short period of time in order to give an accurate reading. If you have a heart condition or take beta-blocking medication please consult with your physician before engaging in a fitness program that utilizes heart rate monitoring.