Heading out to do some holiday shopping in the next couple weeks? Be sure you’re making your list and checking it twice for a Polar Loop Activity Monitor! This brand-new activity monitor from Polar makes optimizing your fitness program easy and fun, plus tracks more than just your work outs. Want to learn why Santa should bring you the Polar Loop this year? Pedometers USA has the details!

It tracks all activity – Not only does the Polar Loop Activity Monitor track your exercise, but it also tracks your periods of rest as well. Incorporating all your types of activity into your data, the Polar Loop also tracks your sleep too. All of these combined, as well as other factors it gathers along the way helps it give you pointers on how to maximize your healthy living.

It shows where and how to improve – Ever feel like you’re stuck in a fitness rut and you can’t progress much further? The Polar Loop Activity Monitor proves you wrong by showing where you need to improve and giving you the resources you need to improve upon it. By seeing what’s working and what isn’t, you’re able to take steps towards advancement and optimize your workouts.

It syncs with most devices– The Polar Flow app helps to really get a move on your workouts by syncing all your data from the Polar Loop to your laptop or mobile device. It also uses Bluetooth® technology to wirelessly sync your data so keeping track of your workout progress is a simple click.

So don’t let Santa sneak by without leaving a Polar Loop Activity Monitor in your stocking this holiday season. Shop them today at PedometersUSA.com!