A common feature on advanced workout equipment is the calorie counter. Some people place a lot of importance on this function, and it could help you achieve a more successful exercise program. A pedometer calorie counter works in the same way as counters for other equipment. Whether you run regularly or engage in a light walking routine to build endurance for a more strenuous program later, explore the calorie count feature for another motivation boost and more accurate goal orientation.

Building Estimated Accuracy

All caloric expenditure is an estimate, and this turns many people off from ever looking at that number. However, you can make that estimate more accurate in several ways. The first is by choosing a pedometer calorie counter that tracks steps with near 100 percent accuracy. The higher the step accuracy, the closer you are to seeing the true caloric expenditure.

Another variable is the weight of the user. When walking, a lighter person will burn fewer calories on average than a heavier person. For two people of the same weight, the one with more body fat will burn more calories. If caloric accuracy is important for your program, it's a good idea to invest in a pedometer calorie counter that allows you to enter your weight. The Yamax EX510 is a good example. It tracks both calories and fat burned with weight entry for anyone between 30 and 300 pounds.

Tracking Your Fitness Progress

The traditional measure of exercise efficacy is seen in increased endurance. If the exercise is good, you'll be able to walk, jog or run further over time. For those who pay close attention to this metric, it can help maintain motivation and push them to greater goals. A pedometer calorie counter adds another dimension to goal progress. It's important for athletes who are planning their diets around training and events. It's also important for anyone trying to lose weight by matching their energy output and input. Most advanced pedometers allow calorie tracking. More accuracy is possible with a pedometer calorie counter that allows weight entry and step counting accuracy close to 100 percent.

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