When you’re trying to lead a healthy life and get into shape, tracking your progress and seeing where you need to improve is essential. With the Garmin Vivofit you can do all these things and more – with features like the Sleep Tracker, Move Bar, and other wellness based elements to help you along the way. Check out how your device stacks up against the new Garmin Vivofit.

It tracks your sleep – Like many other activity monitors in our selection, the Garmin Vivofit helps to track the quality and amount of sleep you get a night. However, this awesome wristband not only collects the data on your sleep but it also gives you tips on how to sleep better and where you need deeper, more fulfilling sleep. Sleep is essential to any healthy lifestyle, and the Vivofit can help you repair some of your unhealthy sleeping habits so you can lead a happier, more energetic life during the day.

It tracks your movement – All day long, the Garmin Vivofit tracks your activity – from standstill to vigorous movement. When you’re inactive for an hour, it immediately tells you it’s time to move with the Move Bar feature: a red bar that pops up on the screen on your wristband, indicating that it’s time to start moving again. Additions to the Move Bar will pop up for every 15 minutes that you haven’t become active.

It helps to achieve your goals – When the Garmin Vivofit tracks your activity throughout the day, it’s not just collecting it – it’s trying to make you better. The Vivofit sets smalls goals for you each day to help you achieve the bigger goals you have in mind, or just improve upon the last day’s data. By setting small goals for you each morning, whether it’s upping your activity throughout the day or getting more sleep, the Vivofit is helping to keep you on track with the bigger picture – a healthier, more fit and active lifestyle.

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