Have you ever considered the fact that exercising is like playing a video game? There are different levels, achievements, obstacles, and achievements for you to win. While this is all a concept that happens within a perfect fitness-friendly world, the developers at Striiv have made it a reality with their Striiv Smart Pedometer. If you’re wondering how this innovative pedometer maker does this, keep reading.

You can challenge yourself –When you’re in a video game, many times you’re often by yourself in a certain situation and you need to use all of your skills to find your way out. Trying to reach your fitness goals can be a lot like this – pushing yourself to the max, setting goals attainable to you, and perhaps even participating in challenges. With a Striiv Smart Pedometer, you can bring that fun, exciting, and virtual situation into real life by challenging yourself and your goals. This one-of-a-kind smart pedometer sets personal challenges based on your fitness level so you can learn that your goals are attainable.

Compete with your friends – A two player video game is always more fun than playing by yourself! With the Striiv Smart Pedometer, you can challenge your friends’ goals and race them across different landmarks in the US. You can also bet to see who will win with real-life prizes, such as unloading the dishwasher, taking out the trash, or folding the laundry. It not only gets you to push yourself in a fitness perspective, but it also creates a little bit of competiveness between you and your exercise buddies.

Everyone can win – Usually, when you win a video game you receive a beautiful, bright screen with many different forms of the phrase “You won” across it, and that’s the end. The coolest part about the Striiv Smart Pedometer is that it doesn’t just stop there – every step you take, Striiv makes a donation to one of their partner charities at no extra cost to you. You’re not only winning by benefiting yourself with fitness, but you could potentially be helping a child receive a Polio vaccine in India, or one day of drinking water for a child in Bolivia – just by walking.

Take your virtual reality world outside and level up with a Striiv Smart Pedometer. You’re not only helping yourself become healthier, but you can also help friends achieve fitness goals, and people around the world get essential things they need to survive.

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