The 7 Rules To Start Walking For Weight Loss

Looking for a way in which you can start to lose weight and get active? At Pedometers USA, we recommend walking for weight loss as a fun, interactive, and easy way for you to start to get active and shed the pounds. Want to know how you can take the first step? We have seven rules for you to get started walking, shedding pounds, and getting active.

1. Keep a walking log – Keeping a walking log of how long you walked, how much you walked, and where you walked is a great way to stay on track. It’s also a really great way to track your progress over time.

2. Power walk, don’t stroll – Strolling is great when you’re looking to get out of your house, but you’re going to want to pick up the speed if you’re looking to shed some weight. Power walking is a great way to get your heart pumping!

3. Measure your distance – Measuring the distance you’ve walked is a great way to keep track of your walking routine, especially if it’s getting stale. Start by upping your mileage by one each week.

4. Set feasible goals – This is a big rule, especially when it comes to walking for weight loss. You may not see results right away when you’re just starting a new workout routine, so it’s important to start small and work to bigger goals as you go.

5. Make a walking plan – It’s a great way to stay organized when it comes to walking for weight loss, and gives you a step-by-step (no pun intended) guide on how much you should walk each day.

6. Don’t skip hills – This goes for all real outdoors obstacles, but don’t skip the hill primarily. Hills may seem tough when you’re walking up them, but they’re definitely a great challenge and a way to burn even more calories on a walk.

7. Stick with it – All these rules on how to start walking for weight loss are obsolete if you don’t challenge yourself and stick with the plan you’ve mapped out. Who knows how far you can go if you do this every single day!