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Yamax DW-150 Step Pedometer

  • Step Counter: Counts the number of steps taken while walking or jogging up to 99 999 Steps
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Manual sensitivity adjustment for personalized walking settings
  • Energy Saving: On & Off Button
  • Large Display: Wide and easy to read LCD
  • 6 Digit: Display up to 1 million steps
  • Inbuilt Aligator Clip
  • 12 month manufacturers warranty

The DW150 offers the expected accuracy and quality from Yamax at a lower cost than many of their pedometers. 
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Yamax PZ-271 Multi-Function Pedometer

Main/Special features:
  • Highly accurate
  • Japanese designed
  • Sensitive motion sensor
  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Memory
  • Clock

The PZ-271 has a 1D accelerometer sensor to and EWC sensor function to offer a more precise measurement. If you walk one step, the display does not show number 1, because EWC Sensor distinguishes vibrations occurred by non-walking action like sitting and standing. 

One of the world's most respected pedometers for its excellent reliability and accuracy. The 1D accelerometer sensor has Electronic Walking-Cognitive (EWC sensor) function that improve measurement walking data more precisely. If you walk one step, display does not show number 1, because EWC Sensor distinguish just vibrations occurred by non-walking action like sitting and standing from actual walking activity.

If you walk continuously more than 5 steps, the steps you took will be added to the number of steps totally you have taken and display total data at once because of EWC sensor.
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Yamax EX-510 Power-Walker Multi-Function Pedometer

  • 3D Accelerometer Sensor filter
  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • 30 Day Memory
  • Activity Time
  • Clock
  • 30 Week Accumulated Data
In order to recognize actual walking activity, the 3D sensor has 11 steps filter.If you move less than 11 steps and take about 5 seconds no-motion break, previous 11 or fewer steps will not be counted.

This device can store up to 30 days of memory data and 30 weeks of accumulated weekly data.

Your number of steps, calorie, fat burn, distance walked and activity time will be stored in memory at 2:00 am after midnight every day. Accumulated Week Data will be stored from Monday to Sunday up to 30 weeks.
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Yamax PW-611 Power Walker Pedometer

  • Counts the number of steps taken while walking or jogging
  • Measures the distance covered while walking or jogging
  • Measures calories burned while walking or jogging
  • Records the time elapsed while walking or jogging
  • Measure the speed while walking or jogging
  • 24 Hour clock
  • 7-day memory
  • Wide and easy to read dual screen display
  • 3 direction accelerometer (3D) sensor monitors every step you take
  • Does not need to be worn on the waistband. Can be kept in a pocket or bag

The Yamax Power Walker accelerometer uses 3D electronic sensor technology instead of the pendulum mechanism found in most pedometers. The Power Walker is designed to be placed in your pocket with features like 7-day memory and Aerobic steps - separates 'continuous steps' from your all day steps. It's ideal for those wanting to improve fitness and walking for weight loss programs The Yamax Power Walker slides easily into your pocket, it's small and lightweight.

Please note: The Yamax Powerwalker DOES NOT have a clip for the waistband.

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