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The latest edition to the Fitbit Versa family is the Versa Lite  - a health and fitness smartwatch that last 4+ days and features activity, sleep and heart rate tracking, notifications, apps, & more. The Versa Lite comes in 4 vibrant colors. The Versa offers 500+ clock face designs, you can change your watch’s look to be classic or modern, customize it with a photo and more.

The Versa Lite is a scaled down version of the Original Versa offering great Fitness and App features. The Versa Lite will offer all day Activity Tracking, Steps, Distance, Calories and Sleep. In addition the Versa Lite is Swim Proof, offers 4 days of battery life and wrist based heart rate. The Versa Lite provides 15 + exercise modes and syncs up with your phone for smart notifications. 

So what's the difference between a Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa Lite? With the the Versa Lite coming in at $40 less than the Fitbit Versa, here is what you will be giving up. 

  • Fitbit Versa Lite has 1 navigation button, versus the 3 on the Versa
  • Versa Lite does not calculate Floors Climbed
  • Versa Lite does not offer music storage
  • Versa Lite does not offer Pool Laps
  • Versa Lite does not offer on screen workouts
  • Versa Lite does not offer on wrist payments 
  • Versa Lite is $40 Less

There is one, and only one reason, to buy a Fitbit Versa Lite. That being: you want a new, affordable Fitbit smartwatch. That is it. The keywords here, in order of importance, are: Fitbit, affordable, smartwatch (as opposed to basic activity tracker) and new. Get it?

You’ve heard what realtors say about real estate: location, location, location. Well, with the Versa Lite it is, in reality, all about: Fitbit, Fitbit, Fitbit. If you are not totally, 100% wedded to wanting anaffordablenew Fitbit smartwatch there may be other options for you in addition to the Versa. Browse the ‘Heart Rate Monitors USA’ site.

Being Able To Say ‘Yes, This Is A Fitbit’

Fitbit is now synonymous with ‘activity tracking’ in the same way that we say ‘Google’ for ‘search’ and used to say ‘Hoover’ for ‘vacuum cleaners’. Fitbit has cachet; Fitbit has following. People want a Fitbit so they can say: ‘Oh, yes, this is a Fitbit’.

I understand. I run into that all the time. A few weeks ago, I was trying to show off another smartwatch to a couple of young friends who, due to financial circumstances, aren’t into ‘semi-luxury’ gadgets as yet – other than their phones. A few seconds into my spiel they both, together said: ‘Ah, you mean a Fitbit’. It wasn’t a Fitbit, but to them an activity-tracking smartwatch had to be a Fitbit. So, that is why I said: Fitbit, Fitbit, Fitbit. That is why you probably want a Fitbit rather than anything else – price be damned.

If you want to be a part of the proud, loyal and growing Fitbit community, and want to do so without spending a ton of money or getting a pre-owned watch, the Versa Ultra is made for you. That, in all honesty, is the entire selling proposition for the Fitbit Versa Lite. A brand-new, Fitbit smartwatch on your wrist for under $170.

Focus On The Positives, The Negatives Might Be Unimportant

The Versa Lite is a cheery, no-fuss smartwatch that tries hard to please. Once you have accepted its sales proposition you will realize that it is only Lite in two regards: price and weight. It is featherlight and uber-comfortable even if you have a small delicate wrist. It is unlikely to bother you in your sleep. I have been wearing a blue one for the last few days and I am in no hurry to take it off. It has an allure to it, especially when you pick a watch face that jives with you.

So, the Versa Lite does not have GPS, swimming, floors-climbed, music, credit/debit ‘pay’ or Wi-Fi. So, what? It also does not cost $230 or more. Horses for coursesCut your coat according to your cloth. Determine what you really need. You have GPS, music and ‘pay’ on your phone. Maybe floors climbed and swimming are not that important to you. Even if you swim, regularly, keeping track of pool swims isn’t that difficult. [No Fitbit, as yet, supports open-water swimming.] Versa Lite: a new Fitbit smartwatch that won’t break the bank.

The Versa Lite does what it is supposed to do, well and effortlessly. So, when it comes to steps, notifications, continuous heart rate, sleep analysis, time keeping and exercise tracking (i.e., running, biking, walking, treadmill, weights, interval timer & workout) you have a genuine Fitbit – with functionality borrowed from the more expensive Versa and Ionic models. I wore a Fitbit Ionic for 3-months last year. Sometimes when I am flipping through the screens, using the responsive touchscreen, I think I am still wearing the Ionic. It is basically the same screens and software.

In Closing

That is really all there is to this. If you want a new Fitbit smartwatch for $160, look no further. The Versa Lite will not disappoint you. It will actually make you smile. Something about it. It really has this air of cheeriness to it.

OK. Just two other things to cap it all off. If you select a watch face that supports it, the Versa Lite can display the time, showing ‘seconds’, and do so extremely accurately and without draining the battery. Many smartwatches, much more expensive, have trouble displaying seconds. Some folks, including I, like to see ‘seconds. The other thing. If you injure yourself exercising, the Versa Lite is much better at counting your steps on crutches than a non-Fitbit costing four times more!


 Contributing Editor: Anura Guruge


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