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If you find that your fitness program seems to be lagging, now's the time to take your activity to a new level. Selecting one of the accelerometer pedometers from is the first step in becoming more aware of how much energy you really are burning as you go through your daily routine.

Are you focused on fitness? Are you simply curious about how much activity you really are engaged in? Accelerometer pedometers provide you with a simple measure of your daily motion. They are affordable and easy to manage, meaning that you can track your activities and improve your fitness levels with little cost. has many low-cost tri axis pedometer options available and shipping deals add to the value when you select such a model. You'll find tri axis pedometer choices that easily clip to a belt loop or waist band, making it easy to keep track of your activity levels through the day. If your aim is to reach the recommended level of 10,000 steps per day, the selection of the right pedometer is the first step to successful tracking.

These pedometers will measure data in varied angles. They work either horizontally, vertically, and some, in all positions.

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