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10,000 steps a day may seem unattainable if you haven't been active for a while. As you embark on a fitness program, you can make the most of modern fitness tracking devices to check your progress and stay motivated. Look for multifunction pedometer choices that will allow you to track additional data related to calories burned, sleep and heart rate. Using a multifunction pedometer doesn't mean that you have to concentrate on all fitness measures at the outset of your use. When you choose a multifunction device, you get well-rounded tracking on all of your key health stats. More information equals better guidance for meeting your goal.

Pedometer calorie counter functions are great for putting your activity into terms of a familiar measure related to weight control. Knowing how many calories you have burned will help you to better plan meals. As you increase activity levels and calories burned, you can adjust your overall calorie consumption. Many people find that a pedometer calorie counter works wonderfully in combination with a calorie tracking program for improved health and fitness.

These pedometers showcase tracking of steps, time, distance, calories and more!

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